Rembrandt Portrait Video on Odysee


I finally uploaded one of my painting videos to Odysee (link above). The platform appears to be one of the leading video platforms using its own tokens. Quite a number of YouTube content makers I followed made the decision to also post to Odysee as an insurance against YouTube censorship.

As the saying goes, don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

Since it is relatively young platform, it might be easier for new content creators to be noticed.

So far it seems, there is no algorithm editing my choice of channels that I subscribed to. I'm starting to find I spend more time on that platform now than YouTube. Now, that has to be a good thing. 😀

If you would like to open your own account there, as content creator or simply as a viewer, here is a referral link to get you started.$/invite/@LeoPlaw:0

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