Art Supply Stores Running Out


I went art supply shopping today after a conversation with a colleague who had told me the night before the had issues ordering some basic art supplies from one of the largest art supply chains in Europe.

When I arrived at large competing art supply chain, I was greeted with the reality of the situation.

There are still things to purchase. It's not that the store is empty, but it is obvious that certain items are sold out, sometimes leaving large gaps.

I inquired with one of the sales people about the situation, and she informed me that many companies were having delivery problems because of the current restrictions we are seeing globally. When prompted, she also conceded that some of the companies themselves are having issues with supply of the raw materials for their products.

My buying spree at the end of last year, no longer seemed so indulgent, and now sensible foresight.

When this current global situation started, you know what I am referring to, within the first couple of months I noticed a few brands in the supermarket gone, never to return. It could have been a Brexit thing.

But as 2020 marched on, and businesses had to remain closed, I noticed here and there empty shop fronts. Progressively over time a handful more, here and there as the restrictions ground on, to now where around the corner local businesses, having long been in the neighbourhood before me are now shuttered.

I think I will start stockpiling a few other things in the meantime, because in my estimation, after all of my research, this thing is not going to end any time soon and only deepen.

A positive in all of this? I guess I do get to fawn over new art supplies. 😀

How is it for you in your corner of your world?

Are you starting to notice things disappearing or being hard to come by?

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