Staying in love w/ the process!

Somewhat frustrated tonight because I again, caught @guthrie up way past his bedtime, on his laptop, to make things worse. This is the third time I’ve caught him. Also, I took a gut punch of a big project I’m managing. Trademark legal bullshit, and ultimately, I may not be able to do. Big sad. On the bright side, things are going well with @eos.detroit and we just onboarded comic book artist and Hive lifer, @bryan-imhoff. Between him and @swarddraws, we’ve got an Allstar team to punch a big hole in this growing NFT space.

My morning was mostly managerial duties. Tons of meetings and interviews. As @robrigo puts it, “…we’re in a growth phase.”, so a tremendous amount of vetting of candidates. Some social media account set ups, but following that, I began development on an interesting project initiative. @dantheman has disrupted the EOSIO community with his proposal of EdenOS. As a BP, we at @eos.detroit wanted to offer a contribution to the process of a logo. This is what I took on today.

Logo design is a much different skill set for me than illustration. I need to relax a certain part of my creative muscles and tighten other ones. Fortunately, I’ve been doing a lot of this work for internal @eos.detroit projects of our own. One of my favorite parts about doing logos is the research. I can get deeply lost in the meanings behind the symbolism and the arduous work of distilling a idea down to its singular message.

I found a few resources of Frank Chester, the artist that created the EOS chestahedron logo. Hidden amongst that trove, I discovered a low resolution photo of the geometric shape with intersecting lines. I took that inspiration and drew up this evolution of the recognizable EOS chestahedron. I’m not concerned whether this offering to the community will be adopted. @robrigo and I have made community ambassadorship a big part of @eos.detroit’s brand, and it was a lot of fun.