Something special!

Interesting night here. So I just sent out 100 HIVE Drone NFT’s. This was the second in a five part series I’m doing. It should have been the first, but the HIVE Guard just came to me first and I was eager to tokenize it. The Drone was meant to be a promotional NFT for the entire collection. In an actual hive colony, the drone is the most prevalent. There are thousands of them. They don’t have stingers. Their only job is to mate with the Queen. I went with the archer motif, not as an offensive or defensive statement, but along the line of cupid. Not that there’s any love in this equation, but a targeted sense of purpose.

In my last post, I encouraged anyone that would want one to comment, or leave me their @hiveio account on Twitter and I’d add them to the airdrop list. Again, entirely promotional, these weren’t going to be sold […traded after, maybe]. As of now, I don’t think there’s a mechanism to airdrop NFT’s to a mass group of people on @nftshowroom, so I hope everyone appreciates how long it took to compile a list of 100 accounts and transfer these NFT’s one at a time. I did get it done, and it felt damn good to see them circulating in the HIVE art space.

The encouraging has been the response. I’ve gotten such overwhelming feedback from the art and my willingness to let them go for free. I gained over 50 followers on Twitter in one day with dozens of kind sentiments from the NFT community. My hope with this collection was to lure some of the ETH collectors over to our far superior feeless blockchain. @nftshowroom has done such good work pioneering NFT’s on HIVE. It’s the artists turn to show up and bring the awareness that something special is happening.

Ultimately, it comes down to the art. I really do think that’s what has made this bull run so different. There are hundreds, thousands, possibly tens of thousands of new cryptocurrency whales looking for alternatives to pulling out their portfolios and paying taxes on them. Art is driving this market and collectors and investors are wanting to take part in something special. Something that defines this unique time in blockchain/crypto history. I want my colony series to be that for HIVE.