Get your free HIVE Drone NFT airdrop by commenting in this post!

The HIVE pump has energized me. A few weeks ago, I started a collection of NFT’s for @nftshowroom. The HIVE collection is going to be a series of five pieces focusing on the various role of an actual hive. The Guard, the Nurse, the Undertaker, the Queen and tonight, I’m revealing the Drone. I’m doing so much NFT work with Topps and @eos.detroit, this project has been a chance for me to carve out my own expression for the blockchain that brought me to the dance.

The Drone is the second in this collection of five. The concept was to distribute each NFT respective of roles within an actual hive. There were 50 Guards, a few still available on @nftshowroom. The Drone reflects the most prevalent of the hive, thus this NFT will be available as a free airdrop to anyone with a @hiveio account. Comment below, and I’m happy to add you to the drop list. NFT’s will be minted and sent in a few days.