Art therapy!

It’s the second night of a citywide curfew in Minneapolis. I just watched a few hours of coverage from Brooklyn Center on Unicorn Riot. Still really upsetting to see our community here in such pain. I had a great conversation with @mada tonight and what started as a proposal for a blockchain governance solution to better police/community relations as a proposal for the Minneapolis City Council, has taken on a life of its own as a broader project with wider potential applications. That’s encouraging.

The last year has been hard. I’m fortunate that I’ve managed to navigate this difficult time, from the pandemic to the exhausting politics, to the political unrest. It still weighs on me psychologically and emotionally, though. When I feel that, rely on the same coping mechanisms I’ve used since I was a kid to deal with stress. Art. It always comes back to art. If I can be creative and productive, I can get through almost anything. The last week has been a process of tackling some killer art projects.

I’m currently trying to finish inking this zombie illustration for @allangraves. I caught up with him a few days ago and he has another issue of his horror zine coming out. This pencil sketch sat in my Procreate folder for months. I always wanted to do something with it, and when @allangraves asked me for a zombie on short notice, I jumped at the opportunity to ink it and get it finished. When its wrapped up, I’ll send it to him and most likely mint it as an NFT on @NFTShowroom.

The other art initiative I’m working on is more iterations of a potential logo for EdenOS, the evolution of EOS. I’ve been asked by a few EOS community leaders to contribute to what the logo may look like. I worked on this with @dan’s Clarion project as well, but I’m spiraling in to the world of Frank Chester’s sacred geometry and how he came to the shape of the chestahedron. It’s been inspiring my design process with these EdenOS compositions. More to come, by for tonight, this is where I’m leaving off.