Taking Flight

Something new is taking flight!
bird and me 350x400.jpg
You know that exciting moment right as you jump into something new, the butterflies in your stomach when you meet the love of your life – the exhilaration you feel when you take flight on a new adventure or discovery – it’s a beautiful thing.

Launch & the Journey

I’ve been having so much fun in my “launch” into this wild and beautiful “steemit country” that I thought I’d share some paintings that I created not too long ago that represent my journey in life, and maybe yours too.

trio of birds 500pix adj.jpg

It’s a trio of paintings featuring bright blue sky and birds at different moments of taking flight. They represent stages of inspiration and hope and new ventures.


The first is a calm bird sitting; it's titled "Contemplation" - those calm moments when we can think and regroup, or gear up to take big steps forward.

contemplation side view.jpg


The second painting is just at the moment the bird lifts off - it's called "Inspiration"; to me it is the epitome of launching into something new and exciting. Lots of energy exerted, it's real now.

bird Inspiration.jpg


And the 3rd painting is called "Elation" - Two birds soaring and flying! I like to think the one bird is looking back and saying "join us!" It's when we are soaring and others are too. We're not alone. Now this one sometimes takes time. I've been working on my art and my garden business and my life balance for years, and there are always ups and downs. It's awesome when we can celebrate the times when we are soaring.

birds Elation.jpg

The Cycle

Just like nature and it's natural rhythms and seasons, I think our life journeys can be a constant cycle between these stages.

trio 550 pix.jpg

We need time to rest, time to regroup, even time to recover when we fail or tragedy strikes.

IMG_20180119_134822 adj.jpg

And in order to thrive and grow we need to explore and “launch” past our fears and complacency. We must heal and move past pain.

bird inspiration side view.jpg

And finally, we need to connect and share that with others. We’re social creatures (some more than others!) but at our core we all need love and connection.


And then the cycle continues.

kara holding trio.jpg

So here’s to you "Taking Flight" and all the stages that surround it!

Kara Elizabeth

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