Art Explosion Week 74 Winners! The theme was DARK: 20 STEEM, PAL and CCC in prizes!

We have chosen the winners for week 74 of ART EXPLOSION, the theme this week was DARK! @vachemorte and I have finished our deliberations of these spoopy entries! We are are proud to announce 5 prizes this week! The total prize pool is 20 STEEM and tokens!

First place: Art Explosion 74/ Theme DARK! by @juanzcorpion
Prize: 10 STEEM, 10 PAL and 10 CCC!


Second Place: ART EXPLOSION 74: Theme DARK/ Drawing Mariela's s by @betzaelcorvo
Prize: 5 STEEM,10 PAL and 10 CCC!



Third place: The Darkness in Her Veins by @axeman
Prize: 5 STEEM, 10 PAL and 10 CCC!


Honourable Mentions will receive 10 CCC and 10 PAL:



We congratulate all the winners and want to thank each and every one of you for entering! The creative minds of Steemit continue to impress us! The next theme will be going up tomorrow and payments will be going out in a few days! Much love to you all for being so wonderfully creative!

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