Nintendo Strikes Back

"Father, can I go into the academy?"

"No, I still need you for the harvest for another season." That's no fair. That's not fair. Did he say father or uncle? I guess his uncle was like father to him. Luke Skywalker walks over to a cave. "Luke, what are you doing here?" I heard the sand people are coming. Ben replied back, "Don't they start it (in) the town called Bedrock?" "Oh no, I live there. They might destroy my house, family, and especially my Nintendo. I have to stop this." Ben replied, "No Luke, it's to (too) dangerous.... you're lucky you're not dead yet." Oh, can I use this, the Jet Steam 2000, Altra 8, Owner Ben?" Suddenly, Ben answered, "Go ahead, knock yourself out." Okey (okay), thanks. Luke takes off in Ben's speeder bike thing, goes home to find it all gone burnt like the Californian fires. Luke cries, "Oh no, it's my uncle; they're all dead. What should I do now?"

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Hearing Aids

Do you hear something? No, I forgot my hearing aids. Joey's dad has hearing aids. Ben cries, "Help me." Ben was playing Sega. Somebody drops the Sega. After that, somebody says, "Sorry, no returns." Luke, run for your life. Boom, the Sega blows up like a Death Star. "That only had 5000 hits. Noooo! It only had 3 Sega bits"

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Sega Omega

Cried Luke. Later on, somebody says, "Radical, a Sega Omega. Yay (yeah)." After that, maybe the Sega Omega blows up or something.

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Mega Nintendo

Later, somebody says, "Come in, I have an Mega Nintendo." Luke smiles, "Cool. I love it, it's the best. Cool I love this game. Yay, get off of me. Never do that again. I love this game. I'm winning. You're dead meat." Ben replied, "No!!" Luke taunted, "I win, you lose. Ben, you loose (lose) and will die." A monster comes out of the screen to eat up Ben in real life. Luke cried, "Just take out the Rumble Pax (Pack).... Ben, noooo." Ben shouts, "Ahhhh," as the monster eats him up.

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Winning Money

Luke freaks out, "No, he can't die." Boom! Ben cries, "Nooooo!" Luke digs, "First, it's my mom, then my father.... then my Playstation 5." Somebody then says, "Luke you win, you get a million dollars." But Ben is still crying like a little girl, "Then my Sega, and now, Ben!" But what about the money? Luke replies to winning a million dollars with, "Who cares."

Beam Me Up, Scottie

Luke continues in his rant, "I can't take it. No! Oh no, the Death Star. Scotties!" Then, Luke is abducted by aliens or by Star Wars people or whatever into a flying saucer (UFO) or Death Star or something. Luke looks at a wall or door or something, "There's a not down here. It says, 'Luke, come and find your way.... beam me up!!!!" Luke sees Darth Vader who says, "Luke." Oh, "Darth Vader. You kill (killed) my father." Vader replied, " Obe One (Obi Won) Kenobi (Ben) didn't tell you what happened to your father." They break out into an epic Darth Maul style lightsaber fight. Vader cuts off Luke's hand. "Luke, I'm your father." Nooooo! "Luke, together, we can take over the Empire like Father & Son." Luke rapes his own mind, "Noooooo! That's impossible. Never!!!" Luke jumps off. To be continued on Empire Strike (Strikes) Back. This was a Just Joey Movie.

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Nintendo Strikes Back

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in August of 2018 | @JoeyArnoldVN
2001 apx or between 1997-2004: probably 1999 | Star Wars Nintendo Sega Comic | JA 163
2018-08-27 Monday 11:53 AM LMS | Nintendo Strikes Back
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