Information War Man

This 2018 recap diagram is illustrating the evolution of my art, my drawings, which goes back 28 years to 1990, back when I was only five years old in Oregon, born 1985, and I started writing stories in 1993, and then combined the two for comics, cartoons, comic strips, around 1997 or 1998. Priceless.

That is the art of life, of the deal, of the argument.

2018-08-12 SUN Art by Oatmeal-2.jpg

Started drawing people around 1990.
2018-08-12 SUN 1990 People-2.jpg

Started drawing houses around 1991.
2018-08-12 SUN Houses-2.jpg

Started drawing Indians around 1991.
2018-08-12 SUN 1991 Indians-2.jpg

Started drawing monsters around 1991.
2018-08-12 SUN Monster-2.jpg

Started drawing trees around 1991.
2018-08-12 SUN Trees-2.jpg

Started drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles around 1992.
2018-08-12 SUN 1991 Turtles-2.jpg

Started drawing basketball around 1993.
2018-08-12 SUN 1992 Basketball-2.jpg

Started drawing castles around 1994.
2018-08-12 SUN Castle-2.jpg

Started drawing mazes around 1995.
2018-08-12 SUN Mazes-2.jpg

Started drawing my Joey Symbol around 1997.
2018-08-12 SUN Joey Symbol-2.jpg

Started drawing comics around 1997 or 1998.
Jimmy Cricket Ninja | stuffed animal won at an easter dancing contest (maybe 1993)
2018-08-12 SUN Jimmy Cricket Ninja-2.jpg

Action Stripe

Drew Sparky alongside of Jimmy in comics.
The name of the series was Action Stripe, pronounced Action Strip.
2018-08-12 SUN Sparky-2.jpg

Encouragement Articles (EA)

Started making, drawing, and writing, Christmas and birthday cards, playing cards, inspiration letters around 1998
Card 1998

Started tagging around 2000.

Gained the nickname, Cool Kid, around 1999, during ghetto basketball.
2018-08-12 SUN Coolkid-2.jpg

Information War Man

Drew this #InformationWar Man today for the first time, in 2018.

2018-08-12 SUN IW Man-4a-1.jpg

I love the comics of @GrrrGraphics
2018-08-12 SUN IW Man-3a-1.jpg

I love the Deplorable Choir
2018-08-12 SUN IW Man-1a-1.jpg

Big fan of Mark Dice
2018-08-12 SUN Monsters Trees Coolkid Tagging Fonts-2.jpg

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