Making a new work

wip now.jpg

A work in progress

No, I don't place my iPad on top of that while drawing. I just did it for the picz. It makes me uncomfy to draw on a flat surface (I got an iPad stand) and I think that fur thing won't let the iPad breathe or would cause it to overheat fast. Haven't tried tho.

Anywayz, I'm making a new work that's based on an old concept of mine. I've always wanted to do this and I guess now's the time. I have sketches of it before in my old sketchbook but I left them in my parents' house.

What they're doing? Well it's up for you to guess. Maybe you can guess if you have seen my works in 2018 haha.

Originally, I wanted the whole scene to be pink but I'm more into this unsaturated brownish-pink as the dominant for now but maybe it will change later on as I develop it.

I'm also slowly using colored figures now, something I wanted to do for quite some time now.

image0 (28).jpg

I think they are cute to look at and at the same time adds something nice for the overall look of the work, and not just all black figures.

Initiation rite crop.jpg

Cropped from my previous work "Initiation Rite"

I'm excited to finish this and also try to animate it nicely. I haven't explored much on other animation options but will do my best. :D

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