It's painting time!

Me, while painting. A self portrait.

After priming my canvas and making a painting study, I finally started painting on canvas. It was my first time using Liquitex products too, and I really like the consistency of the heavy body acrylics. They just remind me of oil paint, just less "creamy" and very fast drying.

I also recorded my process so I'll have a lovely short video of my process afterwards. For portfolio, for website, for marketing, whatever purpose. I'm pretty sure it will be useful in the future so I always make sure to document my process.

Screenshot 2021-03-05 035002.jpg

Screenshot 2021-03-05 035936.jpg

Screenshots from the clips I took for the process video

I'm enjoying it so far although I'm a bit pressured as I need to finish it sooner. I'll have to ship it overseas. XD

And you see that chair? I bought that kind, mainly for the aesthetics. I love the contemporary artsy vibe to it. If I also splatter paint on it I also wouldn't mind cos this chair is bought for that purpose too. And pretty sure it would look good with some paint on it. :D

Hope your day is good!