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Trying to learn a few things


One thing I have been drawn to since becoming a part of the whole Hive/Steem ecosystem was the art that people have been able to create. Now I do not know how to draw very well, but I would think that I can create some pretty cool things with my camera. But now taking the photos that I capture and try to turn those into something else is something that I want to learn more about and get better at.

I am pretty good at using Photoshop for a lot of things, but the different effects that I can do with one single image are kind of lacking with Photoshop, so I have been messing around with an app called Glitché.


Photo by me

To create the skull image, I took this photo of the mums in my backyard and then wrapped them around a skull in the app. Then I messed around with some different effects and color to get the final image.

There are a lot of awesome NFTs for sale out in the crypto space, and it will be cool to be able to create something that people would like. I have a lot to learn though since the whole art aspect is new to me.


Created by me

With Halloween coming up, I think I am going to focus on making more creepy stuff. Ya, that is a good excuse to make more stuff like this one.

It is a lot of fun going through some of my old photos, like the flower one and just use it as a pattern to layer with other ones. It is also nice to use the Glitché app because I can just sit there on the couch and make things and not worry about using my computer or anything and be sitting at my desk.

Anyways, hopefully you thought there were kind of cool. If not, oh well. I will just keep trying and hopefully improve with this.

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