Ex Steemit Artist - new to Hive

Hello Hive,

I used to be on Steemit for a while, then went inactive due to finishing my final year of education. When I came back, I realised that Steemit was no longer what it used to/intended to be. Even its subreddit was calling it dead.

So here I am on Hive, ready to start again... the whitepaper looks awesome and I have high hopes for this platform!

What content am I going to share on here?

Most likely visual stuff and art! Like this illustration I finished a week ago:

tendies banner.jpg

To be honest though, I don't want to treat this like another social media and spam art mindlessly. When I first looked at the front page, Hive content struck me for being a lot higher quality than most other platforms (web3 or web2). This post is pretty awesome and is the kind of content that I miss from most of the internet.

Something new?

I hope to share more thoughtful content here. Deep dives into the process, what resources and tools I use and other aspects that could help other creators who share the interest for creating visual content.

Why Hive?

Because 99% of social media reward memes, low effort and high frequency content, creating an environment where slower, high quality content ends up drowning with no traction, killing the incentive to share free to view, helpful content. Will my idea work on here? Only time can tell!

About the art:

Of course, one may wonder if I am a poser posting stolen art. This is my portfolio. You can find my contact email there. If you worry about me being an impostor, simply contact me and the same human will reply! (Unless my accounts get compromised and stolen - let's hope I don't do a terrible job at keeping stuff safe).
Also, if you want to see the art made in real time I regularly stream weekly! I really enjoy talking about crypto, blockchain and its applications (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Anyway, I am very new to this platform, so please be patient with this newbie and let me know if there is anything I should be looking for.

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