I just bought #NFT #art "Owl is a donut lover." by @elenasteem in @NFTShowroom on HIVE


This is my newest collection piece and it is one really cute owl with a doughnut, work of @elenasteem.
I said that I will dedicate part of my income to buy and support NFT artists on HIVE, so this is my weekly pick, and there are two more art pieces in a line to be bought...soon.
I know that not everyone is interested in this sort of a philanthropy, but I am into digital art and definitely adore fantasy art the most. So, in my case this is a reasonable investment. This is not the only thing I collect of course.
I also collect other things like some old mobile phones, timepieces, rare YuGiOh cards, possessed objects ( I am not joking) called tsukumogami, demon possessed mirrors ( once again I am not joking), oracle decks ( I have a few) that I actually use, crystals and stones ( that are manly for decoration) and - I would love to say 'souls of my enemies', but I am not not that successful, yet... - and I also collect some E-books and digital resources about spirituality, ancient "posters" ( so to say), inscriptions... I am interested in fringe and ancient past, so I am also making collection of those things.
Most of my stuff is digital, especially books, because I fail to recognize a benefit of the paper backup for our ideas, it is not a very permanent material and deforestation is a bigger issue than a spiritual contemplation. In my opinion.
So, collecting unique digital expression in a form of NFTs is noting weird or news to me. It looks very cool.

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