Archon-Gov Delegation Mining? Increase Archon Drips? To-Dos, round based upvotes and Discord Absence


I'd like to setup delegation mining for @archon-gov, and before I write up the code for it to propose, I'd like any input from holders to give me an idea of how it should be written.

Secondly, to bring myself in-line with the spirit of #archon, the code will be released in advance of it running, as part of the proposal.

Increasing the available Hive Power for @archon-gov should bring more competition and income from the beneficiary program. That will result in more income for the governance account.

We can then use some of this income to increase our @archon-drips program, which has been a lot more stable since the last patch. Archon-drips are sent out based on Governance Power, so both miners and archon stakers benefit from drips.

To Do List:


Fix code snippets
Add more error catching to mining report
Add delegation mining
Continue with governance front end app
Increase HP available to @archon-gov
And more I can't think of...


Round based upvotes for holders - see below
Delegation mining - needed for round based upvotes
Swap app - swapping functions now, needs more capital and a front end.
Deliver on unnamed MVP prize draw app (Steem/hive/h-e token delegation mining, sell for prizes.
Fully automated. DHEDGE owns 20% for $2500)

Round based upvotes for holders will be slightly different than traditional upvotes for tokens. When a DHEDGE holder creates a new post they will be added to the round and given a weight equal to their dhedge balance. So if @alice, @bob and @carol all create a post and hold DHEDGE within a round, and @alice holds 100 DHEDGE, @bob has 50, and @carol has 500. When account vote mana reaches 100%, @discohedge and selected accounts would split that rounds vote power based on the DHEDGE weight in that round. So with a total of 650 DHEDGE in the round, @alice would get a 15.38% upvote, @bob would get 7.69% and @carol would get a 76.92% upvote. Once their DHEDGE is used for an upvote, it can not be used again until the next daily reset. If a user creates more than one post per round, their weight will be split between their posts.

Sorry for the discord absence, I haven't installed it since I got my new phone because it creates a lot of distraction at work. I'm sure there's a pile of messages waiting...

Please feel free to add anything to the to do lists, as well as any input on if and how delegation mining should work for #archon

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