Small Cards update

Last week I posted a first few fragments of background storyline. There is much more in stock already, although I like to polish and rework it all a bit before sharing it here.

In relation to the first two fragments, there are also two draft cards that I'd like to share here: VaX and Leora Kytterak

VaX Card

The background for this card is provided here: @kalavia/vax
As for the gameplay functionalities, both the symbol and ability descriptions are completely one of a kind, so time will tell how this card will work in gameplay :).

Leora Kytterak Card

This card represent Leora Kytterak, who is introduced here as a child:

This card represents Leora when she is older, and she is the first character card with a mix of abilities (hammer and sword). She is intended to be a highly versatile natural character, useful for settings where a wide range of non-specialist skills are needed.

Further Card Updates

Although the cards are intended for off-line use, I am playing with the option to also have the characters represented as unique online NFTs. I've already done most of the technical groundwork on this, and the main bottleneck that remains is to decide on the exact stats system and game mechanics around the cards.

The NFTs are intended to be very different from those currently available on Hive. I have yet to confirm and work out the details, but this is what I roughly have in mind at the moment:

  • A very wide range of card types eventually, each with their own characteristics.
  • 1-16 copies of each card type only, each of which will have a different image and likely some different stats as well.
  • Every single NFT copy is hand-coded, so distribution will be slow.
  • They are intended to be collectables, but will possess stats that could enable them to be used in a wide range of game settings.

Anyway, it's all a work in progress, so more on this in due course! :)

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