ARCHON - Incentivized Community Commenting

The ARCHON tribe continues to roll out new and exciting developments! In today's update we are looking at both a new way to incentivize engagement within your community as well as a new reason to stake ARCHON tokens.

Let's dive in!


I first noticed a new area in the ARCHON discord a while back, where a 'Payout Bot' was staking small amounts of ARCHON to users every 3 hours. This is interesting enough in itself, just noticing new channels and bots appearing in the tribe discord and wondering what they might be for :)


But when I dug deeper, to understand what was going on here, I realized suddenly that ARCHON had tapped into a real perceived need within communities, the ability to increase the reward for engagement.


Tier 1 - automated ARCHON micro rewards within a #hive community

The ARCHON tribe has miners set aside to produce funds for different things, including this.

Stake 500 ARCHON (or buy 1 ARCHONM miner) and talk to us in the ARCHON discord about rewarding commenters within your community.

Every 3 hours, comments made in your community can split a small amount of ARCHON tokens, our low supply tribe token.


Now using communities can be more powerful than ever!


Tier 2 - Reward YOUR token to commenters in your community.

This premium service requires nothing more than 2000 staked ARCHON or 5 ARCHONM miner tokens. Our ARCHON team will cover the cost of creating a 'bank' account from which a certain X amount of tokens can be distributed to commenters every Y amount of time, plus a small HP delegation to cover the ongoing RC costs.

Additional tiers and additional services are already in development. Feel free to come into the discord and discuss your needs with us!

Art by @MarshallMustang

Many people still ask me 'ECO - What is ARCHON?'.

I can write and write about what ARCHON is doing, and still they must know 'what it is'.

ARCHON is a token. Archon is a tribe. There are some historical precidences for this world, both positive and negative. Within our founding members, there has been discussion about this. Ideas are forming.

We are making solutions. Protocols. Archon represents an OPEN community, a framework within which we can all work and grow. Yes perhaps we are slow at branding, but that is how open communities work. We are still figuring out how to power up hive democratically, as seen in my Recent Proposal.

But we will get there. By the time we are well branded, you can be sure that the frameworks underneath will already be strong!

Freedom and Friendship!

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