Goodbye Actifit

I think I am done with using actifit.

For some reason it works like shit on my phone after my phones last update, so its not Actifit's fault, but I need some change to what I do on Hive.
My "Rep/Rank" on Actifit also dropped from 49 to 26, which isn't motivating.

Also not having actifit as a backup post might lead me to honestly create more content in the name of growth.

As I have shown with my screenshots of my Google fit, I walk more than 20k steps every single work day, but its only like 4k steps on Actifit because of whatever.

So ye, I will stop posting Actifit for the forseeable future to see if it can have some benefits on my creating other stuff and not relying on Actifit as a post ^^

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