Can Anyone Enlighten Me About Appics?

Someone messaged me yesterday as to if I have any idea what #appics is all about. Honestly, I had no idea so as I scrolled on my social media app, I bumped into nanay @olivia and there she talked about steem and hive and appics.

Img not mine, owned by tokenmarket

I was curious about it but couldn’t locate the app on my Appstore. I was advised I still have to register.

I now have a little knowledge of this app but I am wondering what is its benefits. Currently, I am using my esteem app which was the only mobile application that was the only steem related app which was not deleted off my phone and so I can still make posts from it.

Also, I crosspost my personal blogs from wordpress into steemit or hive which is why it is now and lastly, I sometimes use Travelfeed to post travel related stuff.

So what will it benefit if I would use appics? Let me know in the comment section please!

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