APPICS is back! Let’s See How This Goes…


So this notification came across my phone today and I was super excited at first, but now I don’t know how to feel. APPICS is an app that I used to use for posting videos on the steem blockchain. It allowed you to earn steem and the EOS based APPICS tokens for sharing pics and videos in on a Instagram or TikTok like platform.

After the witness were voted out on Steem, APPICS started to move the app in a different direction. At some point telos took over the app and shut the app down to move things from Telos to EOS.

And they’re back!

But I’m already noticing some differences though. I couldn’t get my regular Telos account to connect to the app, and in trying I accidentally created another telos account… 😬

And I still don’t know if they’ll make it to we’re i can post to hive, but it doesn’t seem like we can for now.

But they have added a feature that allows for you to create and sell NFTs on the platform which is great for a platform like this…

Can’t wait to see we’re the app goes though. Really hoping we get to share content from APPICS to Hive pretty soon…

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