Today, TRON announced that they have acquired Steemit Inc - which came to a total ...

... surprise to most in the STEEM community, including us.

Everyone in the STEEM ecosystem is left with questions - What could be the possible consequences for steem-based dApps like APPICS, DTube and Actifit❓
How will the tokenswap take place and how can STEEM tokens be integrated in the TRON ecosystem❓
To learn more about alll this and get your questions answered directly, join the livestream AMA with TRON founder Justin Sun on DLive on february 15, 9am PST:

➡️ Read the official statement from the Tron Foundation on their medium blog: @TronFoundation

We will keep you updated with how this might affect everyone on the STEEM blockchain in the future. For now, let's wait for the livestream and get our Questions ready.

We want you to know that whatever change these news may bring to the Steem ecosystem, it can only change our community for the better 💪🌎
Appics will continue its mission, utilize blockchain, but grow as its own movement and brand as well.
Thank you all for your love and support from our global community, we truly appreciate it!


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