⚡️ The Appics team stays fit in many ways, besides getting in a traditional workout. ...

... Most of our team members have a background in dance (hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, breakdance), but also tried out different sports, such as soccer, gymnastics, martial arts and more.
🏂 There are many ways to stay active, besides going to the gym and get in a good workout without it feeling like an uphill struggle.
🔑 What most sports have in common, like dance and soccer, is that it's a way to let go of trying to control movement and because the mind concentrates on the music or the game it's easy to train for hours without you noticing the crazy workout you put your body through.
❤️ When you ENJOY what you do and you're having FUN, work becomes EASY, you feel HAPPY and your body FIT & STRONG.
🔄 The only way to find out what type of fitness activity you enjoy, is to try as many different things as possible. You might be surprised!

💭 So what's your favorite way to workout?


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