Our community is growing daily and the APPICS team is constantly working on improving the app!
Because of your support we have already onboarded thousands of people and are looking forward to bring our social network closer to mass adoption soon. ⏳

The media is already starting to notice our platform and we are drawing more and more attention to APPICS 📰
Not so long ago, the American Business Magazine “Forbes” mentioned APPICS in their article “The ‘Billion-Dollar’ Plan To Kick Facebook While It’s Down“, while one of the biggest crypto news outlets „Cointelegraph“ also wrote about APPICS in their article “Steem Community Stands It’s Ground Amid Tron Takeover” which was released 3 days ago.

Talking about the media, we have another major announcement coming soon. One of the biggest European television channels is going to make a documentary about APPICS and blockchain in general. We are very excited about it and can not wait to spread APPICS even further!
But that’s enough information for now. 🤫

We want to thank everyone who followed us on our journey so far and keeps supporting APPICS! 💛🤝
Have you checked out the new APPICS Homepage already? 💻
We completely re-designed our website and added the new feature to buy APPICS power instantly at power.appics.com💥
The new power feature already had some great feedback in the community. Don’t forget to try it out and also upvote your own posts to put them higher on the trending page so your account will gain more attention!
Tell me what you think about the re-design and comment your feedback below ⬇️ - www.appics.com


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