APPICS Referral Program is now live | Onboard users through your Ref Link and win APX Delegation!

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Dear APPICS Family!

Many of you have asked us about a referral program on APPICS so that you can get rewarded for onbarding new users through your referral link.
We have been testing the referral program internally with our ambassadors for the last several weeks, and now we can make it PUBLIC for everyone!

We have already gained 650 new users ever since we've been testing the referral program - thank you to all our ambassadors who already onboarded so many new users! Let's keep it up!

So in this post we'd like to share:

  • How YOU can setup your own referral link when onboarding new users to APPICS
  • The current LEADERBOARD of referrals and the top 3 ambassadors who invited the most users through their referral link last month

Creating your own referral link

You can find our referral program at this URL:

To create your own referral link, please replace "YOURUSERNAME" at the end of the URL with your OWN username on APPICS!

If someone signs up through your referral link, they will receive an email with download links for the APPICS iOS and Android apps. Then they will only need a steem account to log in to the APPICS app and get started.
Please note: The referral emails are sent out in bulk every 2 days.

How do you benefit from onboarding new users through your referral link ?

We have a leaderboard that shows which users have invited the most new members to APPICS (more information on that below)

The top 3 users with the most referrals in a month will receive an exclusive APX token delegation!

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Referral Leaderboard

You can find the Leadearboard for our referral program at:
The Leaderboard is being reset every 30 days on the 14th of the month. Every 30 days, we will award the top 3 users on the leaderboard with an APX token delegation for the duration of 1 month until we announce the next winners!

#1 On the leaderboard will receive 50.000 APX in delegation for 30 days

#2 On the leaderboard will receive 30.000 APX in delegation for 30 days

#3 On the leaderboard will receive 20.000 APX in delegation for 30 days

This past month, obviously only our ambassadors participated in the referral program.
Now it's time to announce the top 3 ambassadors that onboarded the most new users through their referral link!

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Big congratulations to @fycee who onbarded 175 users, @kilatunzii who onboarded 93 users and @michaelchijioke who onboarded 84 users!

You have already received your APX delegation which will last for 30 days.

@extalifestyle and @hilarski also invited many new users and are on the 4th and 5th place of the leaderboard.

So now that you can setup your own referral link, you can use it to onboard more users to APPICS - and maybe YOU will be on the leaderboard next month and receive an exclusive APX delegation as well!

Happy onboarding and see you on APPICS!

Are you an APPICS tester yet?

If not, please visit if you're an iOS user, and for android users to download the APPICS app. Or visit to create an instant APPICS account including SP and APX power!
Once you have downloaded APPICS, you can login directly with your steem account and private active key!

If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

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