Loving Animals Like Loving Himself.



Please don’t purchase animals from breeders or pet shops, there are millions of animals just like Triskelion The Leggen Dog all over the world in desperate need of a loving home.

This little angel was rescued by Desperate Greekies and hillside animal sanctuary. When he was found he had an old leg injury which unfortunately meant it needed to be amputated, but despite what he’s been through, living as a street dog in Greece, probably being hit by a car and abandoned, he’s one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met.

I’ve actually never met an animal quite like him, he’s so happy, inquisitive and loving, people fall in love with him every day.

Call me crazy but I feel like he sees right through me, his soul speaks to mine, if you met him, I’m sure his soul would speak to yours too, thank you The Other Vegan for giving him a safe, happy and loving home, and thank you for everything you do for the animals every day, my beautiful friend and inspiration.

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