Catventures - Meet Meeko

She'll melt your heart and scratch your face

After I did some catsitting and cat fostering last year, I figured it was time for a cat I could actually keep.

It was rewarding but heartbreaking when the cats had to leave - and in a way, refraining yourself from a deeper attachment with a cat because you know they're leaving isn't something that was ideal to me either.

Solution: Get my own cat. Which brings me to the next part of this post

It is almost her first birthday, but I did not get a chance to introduce her to you guys yet, so here it is!

Introducing: Meeko

She got some funky colors and has the temper of a little bitch. She's a sassy, playful savage.

header (5).png

A little ball of energy she is. And when she purrs she reminds me more of a pigeon. Her meow is high and cute, but do not be fooled for this claw-machine strikes when you least expect it. She's not cuddly or would come and sit on your lap, though she enjoys sharing the room with human presence.

Regardless of this, and me ignoring the like owner, like pet-phrase, she's the cutest darn thing.

This lady is a queen with her unlimited supply of toys and quality food: insert raw meat.



At the moment when she was this size, Meeko weighed 700 grams. Crazy! That's basically nothing!

So here it is. The new love of my life. Y'all say hello to Meeko!


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