Useless information #45 - The deadliest animal in Africa (for humans)

According to the African Wildlife Foundation the hippopotamus kills more humans than any other animal in Africa.

3000 kills every year

They like fresh water near grass and so do we humans! The encounters are frequent and hippos are very territorial. In many cases, humans become victims after wandering too close to a river bed that a hippo is protecting.

They kill a variety of animals, not to eat them (they are herbivores) but because they don't want visitors too close.

The average weight of 7000 pounds (3175 Kg) and the speed of 20 miles per hour (Usain Bolt's average speed is 23,35 miles per hour) make them really dangerous. Not to mention the teeth...

(If we consider indirect kills, mosquitoes are the most deadly animal as they spread malaria and dengue.)


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