Larken Rose Debates Lauren Southern on Borders at Anarchapulco 2018

Another cool presentation was the debate between Larken Rose @larkenrose and Lauren Southern @laurensouthern on borders. I thought they both brought up some interesting points. I myself am for open borders and free trade, as Adam Kokesh @adamkokesh asserts a lot the only borders should be private property borders which is my stance as well.

I think a lot of the closed borders people point at the chaos created by bringing people from an alien culture into an area, and when combined with poverty it create more intergroup conflicts than existed before the demographic changes.

In a free society, people could associate and live in towns with rules they want. If they want to live in an area with no immigrants they should be able so long as they can afford purchasing enough contiguous area-which the market would manage.

I really didn't understand Lauren Southern's counterpoint to this that under anarchy/open borders where only borders are private property borders how can she not live freely?? Why must she demand others conform to her centrally planned targets rather than enabling all people to live lives they choose for themselves? Perhaps there is some counter argument I am missing, but if there is not then it really exposes the closed border nonsense and how it is an issue that helps create division where it should not be among people who claim to value freedom, but then advocate nonsense tyranny especially tyranny that at it's worst is similar to SS rounding up people for detention, but without the genocide.

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