The Great Agora Space Race - A new scifi series by @steeminganarchy - Episode 1


The Great Agora Space Race

Premise: Seasteading anarchists of The SeAgora seek greater freedom by traveling to the stars. The story begins two years after the end of the “SeAgora” novel and nearly 500 years before the “Agora One” novel.

The author strongly recommends reading “SeAgora” before this series, in order to understand the context and interconnected storyline.

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Episode 1

Year: 2080

A celebration is being held by seasteading anarchists in the South Pacific, with over 100 ships in the area, on the surface, and at various depths. Some are interconnected temporarily, while others are not. Over 500 people are in attendance. The main ship hosting the celebration belongs to a young woman named Indie. She is the leader of a science team that has just launched the first rocket that successfully broke the speed of light in space. The drive that powered the rocket to that fantastic speed used the separation of dark matter and energy as the driving force. Two years before, a teenage boy named Setarcos discovered how to separate dark matter and energy with Anahata (heart energy) in a stable manner.

Many seasteading anarchists fear that the land-based, violent authoritarian slave populations will, in time, spread out to sea, and ruin the relative peace the SeAgorists have enjoyed on the water for decades. For this reason, many are experimenting with and developing new technologies for interstellar space travel.

The space race is on.

Meanwhile, the enslaved populations on land, ruled by an increasingly unstable form of A.I., are beginning to once again encroach on the peaceful, seasteading anarchist society. Two years earlier, a collapse of the ruling class, both A.I. and human, brought about a realignment of the authoritarian master/slave system. There are now just two major factions, with the ruling classes being mostly A.I. and a few remaining dark occult human families. There is the Archon faction, with the A.I.’s Archon and Mach at the top, and there is the Oscuro Faction, with A.I.’s Oscuro and Saturn at the top. They are constantly warring with each other.

There are two basic physical forms that A.I. take. One is a constant, humanoid design. Another, newer one, is composed of trillions of nano-particles that can change shape at will and also travel through information and energy conduits. They are shape-shifters, in other words.

Main Characters in this episode:

Indie – Young female anarchist seasteader, leader of a space-mission focused science team.
Ion – Male anarchist seasteader in his mid-30s, works with Indie’s science team.
Masher – Shape-shifting anarchist A.I. Best friend of Setarcos.
Setarcos – Teenage genius who discovered, along with his father, a stable way to separate dark matter and energy. Anarchist seasteader.
Archon - Shape-shifting Shape-shifting A.I. ruler of the Archon land-based government faction
Mach - Archon's second in command, also a shape-shifting A.I., also a shape-shifting A.I.

Scene 1

Masher: Congratulations.

Indie (raising champagne glass): Thanks, Masher!

Masher: Ah, you remember my name!

Indie: Of course! You’re best buds with Setarcos, right?

Masher: I spend more time with him than any other natural or man-made life form, so I suppose that qualifies,, yes.

Indie: Is Setarcos here?

Masher: I’m afraid he couldn’t make it.

Ion: That’s too bad. We wouldn’t be here without him.

Masher: May I ask what you have planned to do next, now that faster than light travel is possible?

Ion: Well, we’re actually looking to send an A.I. scout team to Alpha Centauri to see if terraforming is a viable option, and to seek out new life and new raw materials, of course. We’d love some input from you and Setarcos.

Masher: How exciting, but Setarcos is already working on his own project. Next year he hopes to send a multi-directional A.I. scout team in search of exotic materials.

Indie: Materials for what?

Masher: The idea is to make ships able to withstand greater velocities, so that humans can get farther away from Earth, and have more options in the cosmos. You do know that at current technological capabilities, it will take years to reach Alpha Centauri.

Ion: Yeah, but we can work on other things while that mission is ongoing.

Masher: I only hope we have that much time.

Indie: What makes you say that?

Masher: In the land-based government mobs, the cascading failures in the A.I. ruling hierarchy that were caused by the downfall of D-1 and Z-1 a couple years ago have been recovered from quicker than anticipated. The slave populations on land are developing new technologies for their government gangs, ones which might allow them to agress against individuals in The SeAgora with some effect.

Ion: That fast, huh? Wow, I didn’t know that.

Indie: I thought their factions were too busy fighting each other to be concerned with much else.

Masher: That’s partly true, but their A.I. networks still actively try and track SeAgorists and penetrate The Mesh’s encryption and cloaking defenses. They’re also developing new weaponry for their factional wars, which could be used against seasteaders.

Ion: The sooner we get to space, the better.

Indie: And what makes you so confident that there aren’t any violent gangs of moral relativists out there in the cosmos?

Ion: Well, there could be…..but there’s definitely some here on Earth. Masher, do you know how many projects for space exploration are actively being worked on?

Masher: Including your team, there are twelve known space missions being worked on at the moment. Of course, those are only the ones volunteered to be known on The Mesh network. There are most certainly others that are remaining private at the moment.

Indie: Let the space race begin!

Masher: I don’t see how it qualifies as a race, but…

Indie: It’s a figure of speech, Masher.

Scene 2

An A.I. at the top of one of the government gang ruling hierarchies, a shape-shifter known as “Archon”, is having a tactical discussion with his second in command, “Mach”.

Mach: Why do you wish to allow the sea dwellers to advance further? They already have superior technology to our own.

Archon: We will find a way to infiltrate them, and quietly learn their technologies, and eventually, use it to our advantage.

Mach: We have intelligence that Oscuro’s faction is actively seeking to destroy the next space launch.

Archon: That’s not surprising. I’m playing chess, while that fool Oscuro is playing Candyland.

Mach: How so?

Archon: I’ve had teams tracking the rocket launches. The sea dwellers aren’t even trying to hide the launches, let alone put any high grade of shielding on them. They have their guard down, so to speak. If Oscuro destroys one of their launches, it will put them on high alert, and make them more difficult to infiltrate covertly.

Mach: So what do you plan to do about it, Archon?

Archon: Escalate the war, of course.

Scene 3

The next day, Masher finds Setarcos secluded in a habitat 33,000 feet deep in the Mariana Trench, in the old residence of his deceased friend, James Bong aka “Cactus”.

Masher: I thought I’d find you here.

Setarcos: I’m that predictable, huh?

Masher: You missed quite the celebration. Is something wrong?

Setarcos: You wouldn’t understand.

Masher: Why?

Setarcos: It involves human emotion.

Masher: Yes, I do find that to be confusing subject matter.

Setarcos: I’m just upset, that I did all that work for nothing. I failed.

Masher: Are you referring to Indie’s team breaking light speed before you?

Setarcos: Of course. That’s all I’ve worked on for the past two years.

Masher: You’re right, I don’t understand. It is a great accomplishment that will help send humanity to the stars. It was made possible by your previous discovery, I might add.

Setarcos: I just wanted to be the first, ya know?

Masher: You have a scorching case of ego, is what it sounds like. It is not logical. You have to move forward. We can start work on your multi-directional A.I. scouting mission right away.

Setarcos (shaking head emphatically): No, you can start with the rest of the team, Masher. I need some time to decompress.

Masher: Certainly.

Setarcos and Masher pause and stare at each other awkwardly.

Setarcos: I need some time alone, Masher. Why do you think I’m sitting at the deepest part of the ocean? Why do you think my parents aren’t with me?

Masher: As you wish.

Masher leaves and Setarcos stares into the abyss outside one of the windows.

Scene 4

Meanwhile, another two seasteaders have been working on a different space mission project that has not been shared on The Mesh Network.

Bob Rainbow: You think we’ll be ready by next week?

Rob Rainbow: We’ll be ready.

Bob Rainbow (smiles proudly): So Indie might set the record for the shortest time holding a record.

Episode 2 coming soon!

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