From Defiance to Decentralized Finance.

How should I even begin this? I'm an American Millennial, and a child of the 9/11 era. By the time I was a teen, I had found myself being angry and disenfranchised. It may have been the first few times, but it would happen A LOT in the following 20 years.

I'd say the defiance started in early 2003 and reached its first fever pitch in 2008. 2008 was a bad year for banking, business, college, inflation, and many other industries. America had new leadership that I had not experienced in my cognisant life. I saw Ron Paul talking about ending Federal Reserve banking, a revolution of love and tolerance, and self ownership. I watched as millions occupied wall street around the country. I saw and participated in events that promoted humanity, peace, love, and anti-authority. The seeds had been planted but I had no understanding of how to live outside of globalism and still participate in society.

From 2010 until 2020, I would say that I was apathetic. I was hyper focused on relationships, social constructs, and hobbies. I would be bereft if I didn't mention vaping and e-cigs; Since 2016 I have been learning and fighting legislation surrounding life-saving technology. I have threatened to make myself a criminal so that I can continue to help people break the cycle of tobacco, and reduce their harm by using healthier delivery methods of Nicotine. I must digress because this was a different form of activism. This was calling and writing senators, congress people, governors, etc. to influence their understanding of vaping. I found the apathy of the system. Even when presented with evidence, no one cared. This came to the 2nd fever pitch in 2020. Something needed to be done.


Civil Unrest, Pandemic, Human Rights Violations, and the Libertarian Party. 2020 shook me to my core, as I'm sure it did most people. I had no idea who or what to trust. I understood that people were getting sick and dying, but I knew better than to trust the news. All I could do was research. No matter how much I tried to escape back to hobbies, the real world was ready to erupt. I could not escape from the constant warfare of ideas and thoughts from the people that I interacted with daily. By November, I had finally said it was time for me to fight back. I found a podcast that seemed to fit my current mental state. It was here, from @shanehazel that I learned of HIVE.

Decentrized money, decentralized social media. Be your own host, be your own bank. I loved this. I learned surface level knowledge of blockchains and digital currencies. This is the how.
How do I exist within this culture, yet remove myself from the systems? We are so close. This is going to change the world. This is how we do it, at least start it. Through personal drama and life happening, I have not been as active as I would like. But I have been researching deeper into decentralized Finance and Blockchain protocols and I could not be any more enthused at this point.

Thank you to the creators and curators of HIVE. I have found the biggest answer to one of my biggest questions. Thank you to everyone that uses this technology. I can't wait to change the world with you all!

-J the SuburbanDirtFarmer

I love you.

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