A Look Back at a Forgotten Hero of the Ferguson Unrest


The Ferguson Unrest is a very unfortunate part of American history. Police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed an unarmed black male named Michael Brown. In the days after there would be protests and riots all over the city.

On the scene was reporter Charlie LeDuff and his film crew for his news segment The Americans. While there, during the riots, LeDuff and his film crew captured a very interesting movement that highlights a moral standard we should all hold ourselves to in the United States.

The man with the dreadlocks in the clip being interviewed is named DJ. Charlie wanted to interview him again after the riots but could never find him when all done was said and done.

DJ was a father who lived in Ferguson. He stood outside that mini mart and tried his hardest to hold off the mob and although they eventually got through, the act of trying to protect a place considered to be home is an honorable one.

A father trying to protect a little part of the community he called home from those who sought to burn it all down. LeDuff himself only had one thing to say about DJ, "this man represents what we really are in America, what we can, and what we outta be."

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