America, The Most Fascist Country

I love the land of America. I love the people of America. I love the idea of America. But I absolutely despise the government of America.

America has become a full blown fascist country. Some still pay the Constitution lip service, but it means nothing now. As the late great Lysander Spooner said, "The Constitution either enabled the tyranny we live under, or was powerless to stop it."

My Conservative friends get angry when I tell them that American citizens today in 2021 suffer under a larger, more expensive, more overbearing bureaucracy than Soviet citizens suffered under in 1987. But it's true.

We can't fix a problem if we don't even admit there is a problem.

We need to admit that our freedom has been lost. We need to realize that we are now insurgents. There is no possibility of reforming DC. Our best hope is a national divorce. A peaceful breakup. Then each region can focus on reforming its own local government.

May God be with us.