Sometimes the little things in life are more than enough

Sometimes little things in life are more than enough for lifetime

Today I have these little flowers which are a size of my nails. Smaller than the size of a cent, yet powerfully beautiful. These flowers were grow on the curb and the waste side of the community which is not maintained.

It's been 3 months I have started my walking business in our new community with my camera, and had never spotted these tiny flowers. And yesterday it came as a huge surprise for me, there are many such flowers. And I spotted them when I didnt have my camera in hand.

All I had was samsung S9 which did a great job in capturing these tiny buds of happiness

Here they are for you all and This is my entry for #amazingnature contest by @adalger


Camera Used
Samsung S9 in day light
Location was most unexpected waste unmanaged space of the community. These flowers are pinkish purple and as small as the size of my nails.

Sharing all the photographs after light edits on photoshop Express android application


Saw somany single flowers, the bunch of 3 was a surprise 😊 these flowers grow up from the leaves for about 2-3 inches and then bloom. This makes the flowers stand out from leaves and color makes them appear special




Do you see her petals, a small hole on them, may be a tiny insect make it and why did it choose the center of petals and not the edge. Only the insects know



Little out of focus, but still in frame


After all the happy buds, I have them to present in black and white versions too, just to see how they appear with out the color





What was your favorite photograph among the above, was that a color version or the black and white version.

Hope the flowere were fun and happy feeling.
Have a great day all 😊