My entry to Amazing Nature contest

Autumn #mint picking - Mentha suaveolens

Mother Nature keeps surprising me every day!

This was the 2nd time this year that I picked this mint on this place. 1st time was in spring.


Since I've been in Morocco last winter, I got really inspired by their tea culture - they use a lot of mint! As I am in plant & mushrooms & I don't eat meat nor fish for a longer period & also trying to live out of my own knowledge, skills & capabilities, as much independent as possible, I decided to learn more & start to produce teas...



...& so I did! I started picking medicinal herbs in larger amounts, drying them & mixing - transforming them into tea mixes or just leave them pure. Some people like to drink teas made only of 1 herb.



I also realized that in Morocco & in my homeland Croatia we have the same herbs growing naturally, & of course different ones too.



& why this represents "amazing nature" to me?
Cause this is an abundant sight showing medicinal plant naturally growing & just waiting for me to pick it. It is also a sight of a "free cure" that Nature offers but also an opportunity to become independent from doctors & financial system!

#Knowledge is also #FREEDOM!