Hive Tips! (The Newest Toy From the FullAlt TEAM!)


What Is #hivetips?

#hivetips is a revolutionary way to reward your favorite and deserving users on the Hive blockchain with a 'tip'! Wait, do you mean just like on the PeakD front end? NO. However, you can surely use it to tip anyone on PeakD or Our first goal though, is to embrace the budding cryptocurrency community that is emerging on Twitter. Let's get into the primary goals behind this project and discuss what we're doing, shall we?
  • Decentralization

  • Tokenizing The Web

  • Diversity


People often toss this term around casually without understanding what it really means. What it means is to break away from larger governing institutions and ultimately governing the self. In the terms of the cryptorealm, that institution is the world banking system. At FullAlt, we are embracing HIVE to assist us in this manner and with #hivetips, we further the notion by adding to our portfolio another way to tokenize the web.

Tokenizing The Web

If you have been following us or stopped by any of @enginewitty's blogs, you've seen that phrase a lot. With #hivetips, we have added a new way to do just that! In this first phase of our new toy, we have fully integrated with #twitter to help spread the word of Hive by allowing you to tip anyone directly on the site with any account you choose via @yabapmatt's keychain.

Videos with simple ways to use the extension (and yes, the mobile app is on its way) will be available to you soon. Please watch this comprehensive video by our developer - @lightproject - (with graphics and editing done by our guru - @inthenow) on how to start using it.


We truly want to make Hive great and nurture it to become the premiere blockchain. By giving people multiple easy ways to harness Hive, and by bridging some of the long gaps between other social media platforms, we believe that diversity will help us - and you - take Hive and cryptocurrency to the mainstream.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

We invite anyone and everyone to join us in our discord - there is a link right down there - and follow us on our other social media outlets. Would you believe - this entire blog entry was written on our #altyes extension? Totally true. The link below shared from AltYes, will in fact, take you directly to the Google Play Store, where you can add the #hivetips extension to your browser! Enjoy our toys and we look forward to feedback from everyone!

HiveTIPS logo 1.png

Link to the Google Store for download is available Here:

or you can go directly to the Google Store at:

Hive is ALIVE!


For more information about Hive Tips and AltYes, feel free to visit our website:

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A chrome extension for tipping on social media platforms with HIVE tokens


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