Allotment update 10th July 2020 - Something stealing my sunflower tops - comfrey fertilizer - Planting corn and cauliflower

Something has been stealing all the tops off my sunflowers, does anybody know who the culprit may be ?
We have Pigeons, squirrels and rats in the allotment, could it be any on those?
The tops are not flowering yet, they have been totally removed and there is no evidence on the floor so i doubt its slugs or snails....some of the stems have also been pulled to the ground so it makes me think it may be a large animal like a bird or squirrel.


The sunflowers that have been attacked have started to produce more buds on the stems..

If you have comfrey in your garden you can use it as an organic liquid fertilizer...
Get some comfrey...

Fill buckets with comfrey. Press the comfrey down and push as much into the buckets as you can...

Fill the buckets to the top with water...
Then leave for a few days until it starts to stink.
Then empty the dark water into containers to save. You now have liquid fertilizer which you can add when watering. Use about the same as you would if using liquid tomato feed.

Planting sweet corn in between courgette plants

Planting Romanesco cauliflower. These cauliflowers have an amazing head of fractals when they mature.
Ive covered them with netting to stop the butterflies and pigeons which strip them in seconds if not covered.

Some of the carrots are ready, so time to thin some out for dinner :-)

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