Has Hive helped to change your life?


That is the big question today. My title. Has Hive helped to change your life? Let me tell you it has done it for me big time. Now I want to help pay it forward. If you don't know by now, and if you don't know you are reading one of my posts for the first time, I have a DHF Proposal out for the Off Blockchain support of a Children's Hospital. You can read all about it there. You can also go directly to the proposals page and scroll down to you find me:


I am getting some fantastic support so far.


But a lot more support is needed. I and we, need to find a way to get some whales over to support it. The base line for getting funded is aprox 32M HP and we are just over 111K.

New subject:

I made an offer late last night and I will copy and paist it here:

Are you not a member of ListNerds yet? Do you know what it is? Do you want to learn about it?

The next three people that sign up with the link above and stay active for 1 week. I will give you 500 CTP Tokens each that you can stake on the ListNerds platform so you can vote on more emails.

Not a clue what I am talking about? Go over to ListNerds and read the white paper, watch the training videos.

Great post on ListNerds today.

ListNerds quite an interesting concept by @xawi. Another fantastic example of what ListNerds is doing for people. And they got a new follower in me :)

#KISS - My Aspiring Minimalist Journey: Following Through With Commitment to Simple Living by @justclickindiva. I believe I have known her for 1019 days. Fantastic to see her on ListNerds.

My newest Hive Journey: Listnerds by @namelessnameless. Another great author that I would have never found and followed without ListNerds.

What is your SUPERPOWER? by @beststart. I love the power in his message without so many words as I write. lol

Got a long weekend coming up here in Canada. Looking forward to being able to write more, get caught up on ListNerds emails etc. And a lot of spring clean up outside.


List Nerds

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Have a super positive day everyone.


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