Alive And Thriving in the UK like a Workerbee


Let me explain

If you are alive and thriving, whatever you are doing is content.

This means your personal and financial goals.

If you are one of these people that think oh i would not know what to write, you can either just start trying or you could invest in a course to learn.

You could also create a video or or just use images. 😎

We want you to live your life to it's absolute fullest and we are going to support you while you do it. 🀣

πŸ‘‰All you have to do is share it with us.😎

Alive and Thriving

Workerbee Miner Token

Purchased another workerbee, for those that don't know it is a miner for the Bee Token.
I have decided that i am going to make it a weekly goal to purchase at least one miner a week.
This will be a great way to earn a passive income as well as save money over time.

The more you can do

The more you can add to your post the better just make sure it aligns with the community you are posting too.

Live Your Life

If you feel like you are alive but you are just not thriving that is OK because we have a tag for that too.

We have put together a guide to help you.
We Are Alive Guide Here

If your interested you can check out my last I am alive challenge post here

If your quick i have a dice game there you can take part in there's still time before my next IAAC post.

I am going to be working on a project to bring people onboard to Hive with a token package so i am currently trying different things out to get a final package and cost. @heartbeatonhive

Off to curate some content and get ready for some gaming on Sunday with the Son more content. πŸ˜‰

The more practice you put into writing post the better you will become.

There is so much that we can share with each other you just have to be willing to put some effort in to get rewarded by the community.

Commenting is posting to on Hive so it is good to be mindful of that when you are engaging with others.

Couldn't find Luke Suppose to find him after 66 pages it did not happen.
These traffic sites need to sort it out.

Have a blessed and successful day😎

πŸ‘€ Did you hear there is something cool happening that can help you get traffic to your posts here on Hive.

It was created with Hive in mind πŸ‘‡

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