Good Things come in Threes ?


Case number 1: Two days ago, I fell on my head. I survived.

I am still getting horrible headaches from the fall. I have been sleeping more and taking naps to help with the headaches.

I am still alive.


Case number 2: Yesterday, I needed to go lay down. My head was pounding. It was about 6:00 pm, and I decided to take my night medication in hopes I would sleep for ten hours.

We are dog-watching. Molly came up to bed with me to sleep. I kept the bedroom door open so Molly could get out of the room when my husband returned home from work.

I had fallen asleep. I had some bizarre dreams that we will not talk speak on. While dreaming, I heard Molly being very antsy. She was jumping on and off the bed and could not sit still. This behavior is unlike her while I nap. She knows better than to wake me up.

I decided to get up and go to the restroom. While passing the stairwell, I smelled smoke. I thought to myself that someone must be having a fire outside. My night medication would knock out an average person for hours.

Molly went nuts running around when I was in the restroom. I knew I needed to take her outside, or I wasn't going to get any more sleep.

Walking down the stairwell, the smell of smoke got more substantial. There was a haze of smoke in the living room. I went over and looked at the wax warmer to see if it had shorted out and was on fire. It hadn't.

Turning back to take Molly outside, I noticed the dining room was filled with thick smoke. I walked in there to investigate. The closer got to the dining room, the more I could see the thick smoke billowing out from the kitchen.

I was surprisingly calm. Walking into the kitchen where my computer and all artwork supplies are, I noticed the smoke was coming out of the garbage can. Looking inside the can, I saw the small flames burning through the white plastic. I calmly picked up the can and walked it outside to the backyard.

I dumped the burning trash into the metal fire pit we have and set the plastic can on the ground.


Going back into the house, I opened every window I could. The house aired out in about forty-five minutes. I went to bed soon after my husband got home.

Molly and I are alive.


Case number 3: This morning, I woke up at 3:30 am. I was hoping to sleep longer, but Molly had other ideas. She needed to go outside NOW!

Walking down the stairwell to the front door, I slipped down the last two steps. My left knee, which had finally healed from months ago, snapped along with my left ankle that I twisted, falling down the front steps the other day. I sighed. At least I did not hit my head.

Molly got to go outside. She got a treat for being a good girl.

I am still alive.

Conclusion: I have had enough good things happen to me this week.
I want to put out into the universe that it is time for a very, very dull week.
Thank You!

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


All photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

Gif made by @Snook