Hi guys, welcome to my blog. Today I am here to give testimony of the Mathematics examination paper that I wrote yesterday, i told you that I was going to come back and give testimony of what happened during and after the Exams.
We were asked to answer all question from section A, and five question from section B, making it all in all ten questions.


I know that without God's help i wouldn't had answered even one question, but he helped answer Eight question, and I am grateful because almost all the thing I read the day before yesterday.
And also God did not shame me in the exam hall, as the questions that came out were simple, I am just here to share my testimony that I wrote the Mathematics exams with full confidence of passing, cause the questions were simple and also that I only have one paper left for me to finish my exams. I just so happy.
I know that there is hard time but in everything hard time you are supposed to come out with testimony, and that's what happened to me yesterday. you can see how happy I am today and I wish all of you guys are happy too.
Thanks for stopping here, at my blog.

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