IAmAlive #4: Hotel Christmas with Bib Fortuna, She-Hulk, and Daenerys

Hotel Christmas with Bib Fortuna, She-Hulk, and Daenerys

The family of this collector has traditional drama episodes every Christmas and New Year. And so, to make the holidays bright, the siblings made their own tradition: they get out of the house every Dec 24-25 and Dec 31-Jan 1.

This year, this blogger checked in at a hotel. And for company, Bib Fortuna, Daenerys, and She Hulk joined the party.


This collector is a recent fan of She Hulk. For so many decades, it was never detected by the radar and she remained an uninteresting character. However, Marvel wrote great comics about the Hulks, including Jennifer Walters, and so this figure found its way into the collection.



As She Hulk's box got opened, she showed how she was worth the purchase. Pretty face (the photo doesn't do it justice; the actual face is better), well-sculpted muscles, great overall proportions, and made with sturdy plastic, with legs that do not wobble or become bow-legged (although only time will really tell). Bow-legged females are a common problem with Marvel Hasbro figures.

As for Bib Fortuna, he is a decades-long favorite. This collector has a favorite Kenner Bib Fortuna action figure from the 80s, and the current Hasbro purchase is 100% pure nostalgia and sentimentality. The figure is still great by itself, however.

Source: https://www.actionfigure411.com/star-wars/kenner-vintage-collection/return-of-the-jedi-action-figures/bib-fortuna-2277.php

How could the new 6-inch release not be irresistible? It surely cannot. He is poised to become the official major domo, not of Jabba the Hutt, but of the figure collection. Alfred Pennyworth is nowhere yet to be seen, after all.



The least exciting of the group is Daenerys. She doesn't look anything like the actress. However, she is on sale, so why not.


Other elements in the worktable are the charging ports and devices and the laptop. After settling in, it's work time. After all, the hotel needs to be paid.



So until the next post, I am happy to be alive!

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