Alex Jones censored! Is this what Q is referring to in latest drop? Say No to Marixm Berkley those arrested and the destruction!

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An event called, Say no to Marxism, say no to facism in which the police arrested 20 people, mainly do to what they had in their possession that could be used to harm people.

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In addition 21 vehicles were vandalized and damaged. Who did this? Who generally demonstrates Violence, and Destruction?
They were city vehicles and they broke their windows while being parked? Who vandalized buildings before like Starbucks? Not the side trying to spread truth, but the more violent, vicious, hate mongering, chaotic crowd!

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This reported by ABC7 News,

"Berkeley police say, at one point, marchers threw fireworks at officers, who responded by throwing back smoke grenades and firing rubber bullets. But there were no reports of any serious injuries."

Do people show up and act violent?

This was done after the Violent Acts in Portland.

They witnessed a large police presence.

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A crew from infowars spoke to some patriots who proudly displayed an American flag and Trump flag.

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They talked to someone in the crowd telling them they had seen protestors stomping on the American flag.

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The Infowars crew spoke to a gentleman who said he tried to get the liberals shouting to have a conversation, but they just kept chanting the same phrases over and over, were not willing to have a face to face conversation, and were flipping people off.

When asked why they wouldn't talk, the gentleman on their side said he didn't know. Maybe they were afraid (they they didn't look afraid as they were shouting and creating chaos). He said he would keep trying, but it appeared to be to no avail!

They appear out there just to make noise and cause disturbance as the crew gives many people multiple chances to engage in intelligent conversation. Perhaps it is just as their more mature team mate states, "*they are afraid!"

The question becomes Why? What are they afraid of? The other side isn't demonstrating violence, assault and destruction as has been demonstrated in the past with similar groups.

Are they afraid because they have no backup or verification to what they are saying like "Trump is a racist?" Because when asked right out or given the chance. . .their pat answer just remains them chanting the same rhetoric over and over.

Why are they afraid of engaging in a credible manner even when given the chance to verbalize their proof?
Is it because there is No Proof?"

Even the police at one point were telling the InfoWars crew, they were happy for them to help keep the destruction at bay! Does this not demonstrate first hand who the haters and abusers are?

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Is this yet Another reason why they fear Alex Jones and others trying to spread the absolute truth, so much?

One doth protest too much!

I am not sure how these displays of disrespect and hate further their cause, but some eat it up. Sad.
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This in response to whether or not Q is calling out Alex Jones as far as his recent censorship. . .channel removed by youtube and Google removing his content.

This is in reference to post 1822
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Alex Jones gets a bad rap from some in the truth community who really should be listening to Q and not causing division.

Does he do everything right. he's a human. I haven't seen Anyone not make mistakes on this plane of existence yet!

Does he deliver the news without antics, dramatization, etc? His delivery and methods may be different from many, they may turn some off. . .he plays a vital role. Jones is Still Waking people up!

He was the First one that I know about that actually had the guts, even if people call him an attention seeker) he got himself into Bohemian Grove and exposed the fact of. . .why would you Even need to do these rituals and ceremonies as "mock ceremonies?" Now I think we are all well aware at this stage, they are Not all mock ceremonies. We know how wicked these people are.

He has ticked Many an elitist off by confronting them about their "secret society" fronts they all pretend are prestigious and cool! He exposes their elitist Money controller Clubs that shout, "We have the means, the access so we Deserve to tell You what to do, how to live and Enslave You!"

They feel after watching all of us and others who are dedicated to the truth, be divided over Jones. . .they figure that is a Great Way In! A nice big crack in the armour. Now they can put Anyone who speaks of Any of the topics as does Alex Jones, you can tick 'em off one by one
pedo agenda
orchestrated shootings to raise the cost of surveillance and "safety" in schools/hotels/airports. ..lots of contracts and mullah
Opioid push
deep state
vast government corruption
collusion with foreign entities
puppet regime's
AI threat
False Flag deception on a mass scale concerning Everything and most notably the alien deception

So pretty much. ..whatever "Crazy" . you can mane, they can do pretty much What they have Always done. ..point fingers and yell Conspiracy Theory. . . wacko's don't forget Waco!

This is just a way to justify the fact that We're All on the chopping block if we utter TRUTH!
Dark to Light. ..Darkness, evil DESPISES Truth
Clearly they're running scared! Now what are We going to do about it?

People on reddit of the GA Board have already identified a mod who has allowed people to Blatantly Break the Rules by attacking members with No Evidence, attempting to divide, cause chaos and ultimately chip away at any truth that is being told by causing those on the inside and outside to doubt whether people are ethical.
This caused others (not me) to finally call this mod out and some are creating new subreddits.
Others are staying and have the WRWY method and have been reporting to those in the know.
Happening All Over.
They are making strides and talking about what they will do when their board is Completely censored.
Some are discussing Steemit because steemit doesn't censor.
Many new truth tellers are set up and running.

If AJ is controlled. . .why did he expose their deepest, darkest life line and secret. . .pedogate?

All the controllers and Censors of our First Amendment rights have to say is. . .
“This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

Proving the pen indeed is Mightier than the Sword!

The question is. . .what are truth seekers and those who believe in a foundation, upholding the Constitution going to Do about it?

Well, that is after all what they are afraid of isn't it?

You can share posts like this out and other reports exposing the truth.
You can pray.
You can make sure the right people get elected in the upcoming elections!
These elections are a Big part of why they are trying to quash the truth!

If they keep Shouting above the truth that is happening, if they keep Distracting from genuine events and our freedoms being trampled upon, they feel they can get the votes of those being drawn in by the drama, rather than taking the time to go research and seek out the genuine facts and truth!

As you know, these controllers who set up Hollywood and the Music Industry, do everything in their power to entice and keep the people drawn in and focused on entertainment and drama rather than the fact they they are being led to the slaughter while giving these elitists that feel they are supreme over all of us, whom they have enslaved, even More power and control.

Time to Wake Up* the others! Keep spreading truth! You are the Chosen and Soldiers who are desperately needed right now!

InfoWars and Alex Jones may have been banned on youtube. You can find this video on Bitchute titled,
**Antifa picks fight with Police and Loses

See a related article to current rallies from Patriot groups turned into riots by Antifa here in a recent article titled,
Portland Rallies from a Patriot Prayer Group which turned into a protest with Antifa on the scene! Evidence of violence coming from Antifa!

Other sources include,

What are your thoughts about these "protests" or riots? Do you think it was right to censor Alex Jones? Please let me know in the comments below. Keep #FightingTheGoodFight Fine Patriots! WWG1WGA

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