Alex Jones Stole My Birthday

All started eleven years before frogs turned gay, that was fog actually, not frogs. Actually, Alex Jones was born in 1974, February 11, which was exactly 11 years before my birthday, my birth date (DOB), which was 1985, February 11, 1985-02-11: I was born on a Monday, in Oregon. I'm the OATMEAL version of Alex Jones. I may not have GAY FROGS, but I do have OATMEAL and Shift I can throw at you.

Meanwhile CNN is praising the sister of that fat kid, the king god of North Korea (NK). And many of the main stream media outlets are praising the IVANKA of NK even as they try to insult good people.


Russia Stole My Birthday

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My name is Joey Arnold, the original oatmeal, from Oregon. I'm for smaller government, less taxes/ regulations/ bad laws, more freedoms. I'm all for family values, community, nationalism, patriotism, freedoms of speech religion, arms, property, press, privacy, sovereignty, borders, decentralized free markets, cryptocurrencies, blockchain networks, Bitcoin, Steem, Gab, Minds, and capitalism over crony capitalism, technocracy, tyranny, corporatism, monopolism, plutocracy, oligarchy, progressive liberalism, socialism, communism, democrats, and I do hate Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Oprah of depopulation Agenda 21 programs, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Walmart, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Bilderberg, NWO, EU, UN, NAU, CFR, and more. I'm big fans of the following:

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Tell people about the irony seen on and in main stream media as they say one thing but then contradict it and stuff. They said Trump is a DICTATOR but then they praise DICTATOR boy of NK. That is one example of the many examples of the irony. Ask people if they like it when Facebook and Microsoft and Google and Apple and others spy on us.

I hope we can invent peer to peer, ad-hoc, bit torrent, decentralized, short wave HAM radio style, cryptocurrency engineered, blockchain internet WIFI BOXES and/or ETC if we are not already doing this, or trying to.....

And our WIFI BOXES should be able to bypass phone companies, middle men, internet service providers (ISP), Comcast, Verizon, Viettel, Sprint, AT&T, DNS things, HTTPS only things. In other words, I want to encourage a kind of internet that would have WITNESSES like we have HERE on STEEM, this website, STEEMIT.COM, BUSY.ORG, etc etc........, etc etc......... And WIFI witnesses and/or all of the blockchain WIFI users should be paid to rent out and/or sell out and/or consign computers, PCs, servers, laptops, phones, devices, tablets, hard drives, HDDs, thumb drives, memory sticks, RAM, GHZ, speed, motherboards, clouds, storage, memory, nodes, satellites, dishes, routers, modems, repeaters, DSL, cables, wires, cords, technology, hardware, software, and/or many things and everything and anything that can help with connecting us with internet. And can we send an email via a wireless WIFI signal from Texas to China through the air, using short wave HAM radio technology, radio-waves, without anything between China and Texas, just through WIFI, but like from the other side of the world directly, peer to peer, and if not then why not and what can we do to make that work?

If we cannot do blockchain internet with ham radio HAM WIFI signal sending, then what are we waiting for? Even Star Trek Voyager found a way to send a signal to earth from the Delta Quadrum through a worm hole and stuff.

We should make and sell and rent out BLOCKCHAIN WIFI and CABLE and DSL and SATELLITE and BLUETOOTH and other signals BOXES that can take in internet from multiple sources, be it WIFI, Bluetooth, cable, Ethernet, other softwares, protocols, and more, etc, etc, if we are not....

We should make WIFI boxes which could be like bit torrent technology, utilize and manage your sources of internet from different wireless (WIFI) networks, signals, ad hoc, etc, and cable, satellite, DSL, Bluetooth, radio, etc, so that you can have backup internet connections, networks, connectivity, to maximize bandwidth, download, upload, speeds, and everything. And we can all compete through capitalism in making the best boxes ever. And the SUPER WIFI BIT TORRENT blockchain boxes can be powered by batteries, solar power, water, grass, wind, energy, gas, power cord, etc... We can do so much better and we can do more.

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