Alex Jones Broke The Internet

First, Alex made the frogs gay, and then he made the Internet gay, because it is time to make George Soros gay, because Soros is a big frog that is so gay already. Say gay ten times faster, I dare you.

Before you can say GAY, I can tell you something pretty gay. Speaking of gay, remember that song? I'm angry. I've had enough of these people. They're a bunch of Christian murdering scum, keeping babies alive and selling their DISNEY body parts. They're running around screaming that they love Satan and that they want to eat babies. I have it on video.

Hillary is into creepy weird sick stuff, man. She sleeps in the same room with that gay little Huma woman who wears a hood over her head like Darth Vader working for Emperor Soros who is banning websites like Drudge in Europe these past few years or is at least trying to and more.

And Soros said to me that Drudge is so gay. So, you cannot go to the Drudge. Yeah, you are not allowed to talk about the Drudge.

And Soros has been investing about 300 billion dollars or maybe more into overthrowing elections in different countries including America these past few years or so. And Soros has done what some accuse Russia of doing in America. Soros is influencing elections. Soros has been dividing and conquering countries, people, etc. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Billy Graham mentioned how deep the establishment was in the American government when he was speaking to thousands of people in Chicago in 1971. And the attorney general also said in 1971 that the biggest problem was not from without but from within the swamp we are trying to drain now with the help of Make America Great Again (MAGA), Donald Trump, BREXIT, and more.

And in 1971, many said that the leader of China, who was murdering millions of Chinese people, was Jesus. And why are people always talking about Jesus who is still alive inside my heart?

With Oatmeal in my bowl, is Jesus in your soul?

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2018-02-25 Sunday 02:10 PM LMS: Alex Jones Broke The Internet
By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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YouTube terminated my OJAWALL channel. Will they ban you too? Twitter said I'm a Russian bot. Facebook has disabled my account a few times. Corporations have been attacking anybody they disagree with. CNN bullied an old woman and said she was working with Being Patriotic, allegedly related to something Russian. So, I might be a bad USSR Soviet Union spy or killer from Russia if I use Russian dressing.

They actually say this and much more. YouTube does not want you to share these videos and websites. Facebook will punish you if you share this stuff. Twitter will try to get you too.

They are trying to ban and stop us from free speech, from freedoms, etc. First they go after us and then you. It affects you too. So, if they can take you down and kill us, then they can take you down and kill you and your family as well. We are all in this together.... or divided we fall.

Deep state is banning your family, your people, your world, your values, more and more each day online and offline, or is trying to at least, and please ask people if they care about that or not.

Join the second global revolution as we take back the world from globalists and scums and goblins. Join us as we continue info wars for the sake of our children and future. Share the info everywhere. Share the Oatmeal. Thanks.

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