Remember the Byteball - Gbyte (Now called "Obyte") Airdrop to all Steem Accounts?

Well, I'm not here to suggest you sell or buy, all I am trying to do is to make you aware of all the activity going on with Obytes.

The price in the past days has gone from $50 US to over $150 US, to about $100 (at the time of writing this post).

The activity on the buy and sell side has increased "a lot" in comparison to what was over the previous months.

So if YOU got the airdrop back a few years ago and forgot all about it, you may want to revisit Obyte (formerly Gbyte).


Remember, that 50% was in liquid and 50% was locked up for 12 months in a smart contract.

Now, if you have since then removed your wallet, or changed PCs, phones etc, you must resort to your backup. (You probably did make a backup and save it "somewhere safe".)

If you still have an old version of the wallet on your apparatus then you may need to go and update one by one from that version. I'm not saying you "have to", it could be the case. It was for some people with a very old version of the Obyte wallet.

Either way, since the airdrop, your smart contract locks are now Unlocked. So those locked up balls are now free and available to you to do with as you wish.

Here are the relevant links for this:



& YES, there is an active Discord community too:

If this link doesn't work for Discord, go to the website, scroll down to the bottom of the site and click on the Discord link. (I checked it, it works!)

Either way, to everyone and anyone who got the airdrop back a few years ago, all I am saying is "keep and eye out on Obyte" seems to be a lot more activity there than what meets the eye!

Take a peep and check it out for yourself.