Food for life | Guide for program organization


Crypto Aid Venezuela, was born as a space in charge of attending specific cases of humanitarian aid to health institutions, popular sectors of low resources or individuals that by means of the previous link with a foundation/project/community in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and after the follow-up of its case allows to arrive a help with the purpose of cushioning a little the damage to the life that the citizens suffer in this country.

Objectives of the program:

Food for life, seeks to provide low-income communities with severe and moderate cases of malnutrition with a food supply that serves as a means to address this crisis, where children and older adults have been most affected by not having the necessary resources to address it.

Who is it for?

The program is targeted primarily to support the most vulnerable cases of the Venezuelan population, being these people whose economic capacity does not allow them to maintain a stable or moderately stable nutrition in the face of inflation levels facing the country, leading to cases of severe and moderate malnutrition.

The priority of the food for life programm is to deal with cases of malnutrition in children from 0 to 11 years of age, as well as older adults.

When to use this guide?

The use of this guide is useful when you are involved in the humanitarian crisis in different sectors of the country, we are and have the ability to organize soup kitchens under the tutelage of a foundation or person responsible for ensuring the proper distribution and care of cases of malnutrition in the region.

Management process for the community approach:

  • A foundation or private person contacts the project, raising the situation of a specific population.
  • The program together with a nutrition specialist visits the community accompanied by the applicant to perform a nutritional screening.
  • Cases of malnutrition are collected, filling out a form with reference information.
  • The nutrition specialist determines the population and establishes a food plan for them.
  • Testimonies and photographs of the community in question are collected, demonstrating their food, economic and social health status.
  • Once these data are collected, the Request for Supplies is filled out.
  • The case is managed and sent to the blockchain to generate the collection.
  • Once the resources are collected, they are sent to the community.

Necessary resources after approving the dining room:

  • Copy or scan of the identity document of the person or foundation that will be responsible for the dining room.
  • Contact number and e-mail address.
  • Exact address where the dining room will operate.
  • Supplies Request Form.
  • Exhibit letter that also indicates the number of people to attend, the days on which the dining room will operate and the type of meals you expect to give (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

Time of program action:

The program will remain active in the community for 1 to 3 months or until the specialist considers that the cases of malnutrition have improved considerably.

Various considerations:

The foundation or individual responsible for the community should maintain regular contact with Crypto Aid Venezuela to allow updates on the status of the community, as well as photographs, videos and information relevant to the community.

The resources given to the foundations will be material, with the exception of the costs generated by the transportation of the resources to the community or storage area.

The foundation or individual who will be responsible for this community will have the commitment to comply with what is established here.

This work guide may be modified at any time to improve the program.

Example forms:

Format for requesting supplies

Format for transporting supplies
Supply Inventory Format.


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