AID VENEZUELA | Why delegate to us?

The project continues to grow and we make the greatest effort to obtain, analyze and program ourselves to support in many more cases that are presented to us at the national level, trying to give support as far as our capacity allows.

Since we started, we have focused on working hand in hand with @fundition, where donations have been more constant. Also our almost daily publications have allowed us a greater growth of our SP as well as having STEEM/SBD reserve to support more specific cases in the region, seeking to be a self-sustainable project.

In this short time we have received slow delegations from several users, which has allowed us a total of 1,631 SP extra to the account, for a total of 1,772 SP, for which we thank again @r2cornell, @juliakponsford, @ajorundon, @alexvanaken and @scilwa for their delegations.

Which leads to the question, what have we been doing with this SP as it is not a curation project?

Having as answer:
a._ Voting our own content.
b._ Selling our vote to the whitelist of smartsteem.

In the second case this action has been very important motivated to allow us to obtain rewards in STEEM/SBD (self-sustainability), as well as the passive growth of our SP and that of the delegates. Receiving a daily estimate of 0.3 STEEM and 0.2 SBD, which, although it seems little to many external users, in Venezuela is a help that a week can become a larger amount and serve to buy some kind of input for a person or family affected by the crisis that the country is experiencing.

Food For life:

As you know, the project currently has a fundamental base that is the Food for life program, which is responsible for providing those communities of low resources that present severe and moderate cases of malnutrition with a food sustenance that serves as a means to face this crisis, where children and older adults have been the most affected because they do not have the resources to get ahead.

In this sense, we have already completed two weeks of this program, whose investment represented a total of $180 per week, or $360 for 2 weeks where the sponsors who supported the cause witnessed the situation of one of so many communities where more than 80 people were benefited, noting the work and effort of the project to provide as much food as possible to that community, always providing updates on the activities through our blog.

Importance of delegating:

Now, the project is about to launch its next program to serve new communities, however, we have already had particular cases of babies, children and elderly people with cases of extreme malnutrition that unfortunately we could not attend to because we do not have the necessary resources. This is where we call on the delegation, through smartsteem, to be able to obtain more STEEM/SBD that will allow us to self-manage more cases in the country and be able to focus on more humanitarian crisis situations.

Goal set:

As we said before, we have a total of 1772 SP, receiving an estimated total of 0.3 STEEM and 0.2 SBD per day.

We want to increase this figure, setting the goal of obtaining a larger or equal delegation: 50,000 SP, which would give an estimate of 21.25 STEEM per day + curation rewards.

What do we want to do with the income when we reach the goal?

  • Address specific cases of malnutrition of all ages.
  • Extend the weeks of the Food for Life program.
  • Visiting and supporting hospitals with supplies.
  • Power up the project.

How much does 21 STEEM represent in Venezuela?

The food basket is estimated at Bs.S 514,900.55, the equivalent of $139.
The minimum monthly salary that a Venezuelan earns is 19,800 Bs.S, the equivalent of $5.
21 STEEM is equivalent to two minimum monthly salaries.

How do you calculate STEEM to Bs.S?

Making use of, which is a national exchange house with daily updates according to the dollar price of the day in the country.

What other ways can I collaborate?

Sending STEEM/SBD to the project.
Sending @steembasicincome to the project.
Spreading the information in the blockchain and social networks.
Talking with friends and neighbors in your country to support the project.
Creating artistic content that you want to donate to be published in the project. (Send to our email
Publish your content on @steempeak and add us as beneficiaries.
Send cards or packs of @steemmonsters to our project.

Is there a way to verify the situation in Venezuela?

If you only keep what the media say, you will get what a small part wants to see.

To keep informed of the situation in Venezuela it is preferable to go to twitter or instagram and follow accounts such as: venezuelalucha, ipaniza, carlaangola, as well as the tag: #venezuela in both networks.

I have read that countries have sent humanitarian aid to Venezuela. Why do you do this?

For several months now, many countries have joined the initiative to send supplies to Venezuela, however, those supplies have been stopped by the government of Nicolas Maduro, alleging that there is no crisis in the country and demanding that the border military forces do not allow the entry of such aid which has made it difficult to support mainly the nation's hospitals.

Given that this problem continues to occur, we cannot stand idly by while many more people continue to suffer. Crypto aid has become the most reliable, easiest and quickest way to support Venezuelan communities, since it cannot be controlled by the state and its transit is free.

I understand. What should I do now?

Support the project!

If you are interested in supporting us we invite you to read our introductory post where you can learn more about us and some frequently asked questions:INTRODUCING AID VENEZUELA | CRYPTOCURRENCY HUMANITARIAN AID



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AID VENEZUELA | You can continue donating to our Food for life program!

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