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Good night, everybody!

Several donations have already entered the project thanks to the invaluable support of many users and motivated to it we will soon start movement for the purchase of inputs of the activities.

As part of being a transparent team we have decided to use the @orinoco exchange house as a means to convert the STEEM/SBD contributed to us into VES (Local currency in Venezuela).

How does it work?

Orinoco allows you to register your orders through its website in which you can change any amount of STEEM/SBD you want and receive the total in VES in your local bank account securely.

It uses a system of unique memos which are directly associated to a previously registered bank account number, where no matter from which STEEM wallet you transfer you will receive the money in your account.

Why Orinoco?

Variable rate
Updated prices
Personalized attention.
Transparency in change orders (everything is recorded).

We thank you again for all the support you give to the project and invite you to visit our latest fundition campaign.

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