AI-Generated Content = Not Original Content

A few weeks ago we added a new abuse category to our scope of work - Machine-generated or AI-generated writing. This type of content is considered fraud. It is not original content.

Any accounts that are caught using AI article generators may be blacklisted. The appeal for this kind of abuse will be stricter than the usual appeal because using AI to compose posts indicates a clear intention to deceive and defraud. Using AI cannot be accidental.

Even AI itself considers it fraud.

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AI prompt from Open AI

AI Text

If you would like to use AI text, please mention it clearly in your post. Obscuring the fact that the post is partially AI-generated shows a deliberate intent to deceive Hive readers and curators.

Blending in AI-generated text with original text in order to mask and hide it will not work except to further negatively impact your appeal.

Any text created by AI should be treated as an outside source, which means it must be quoted, or print-screened. Basically, treat it like any other quote from any other source.

Please remember that Hive prides itself on original content; at least 50% of writing in the post should be original.

If your post does not fit these criteria, please decline the rewards.

AI Art

If you use AI-generated art, it is not necessary to decline the rewards but please mention it clearly in your post with a source to the tool used, and add a significant amount of personal thought - tell readers what you think about that art.

Art posts are still treated the same as all posts. Half the post should be original.

AI-Based Automated Posting

Please note that any attempt to automate AI-generated postings, either in an image or text form, will result in a permanent ban. Automating such things is nothing more than the malicious exploitation of the reward pool and an attack on Hive.

Targeting individual Hive dapps to siphon their rewards in such exploitation schemes is likewise unacceptable. Although we are made up of many communities, Hive itself is a community first.

With this level of exploitation not only will the posting account be added to the 'blacklist' but so will the remainder of your accounts if there are any. We take attacks against Hive very seriously.

See it? Report it!

This abuse can be reported in our online form under "SPAM" category. This is only a temporary abuse category. We will add a new category to the form soon.

Images by thepeakstudio.

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